Margot Davidson Couples Therapy


Have your lives changed due to moving places, founding a family or other demands? And have these changes become a challenge for your relationship that you feel you cannot solve on your own? Challenges and tensions are very normal and common in relationships.
It is important though to find a way out of the crisis and to develop a new understanding for one another.

I offer Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), which is currently the most effective, empirically validated couple therapy method worldwide. What a competent EFT couple therapist can do, is to explore the deeper emotions, needs and longing underlying repetitive patterns of negative interaction. These don’t get usually expressed, because the efforts to resolve often escalate so quickly. Focusing on these unexpressed aspects, allows each person to develop a deeper understanding of the other, the couple bond is strengthened, goodwill improves and the couple‘s stress is transformed into trust and connection.

As a couple therapist trained in this method, I have come to understand that many couples do not see the real problems and dynamics, which are the source of their distress. This makes it difficult, if not impossible to improve their relationship on their own. As couple conflict escalates and safety in the relationship deteriorates, partners often hide more and more of who they truly are.


  • are in a crisis and want support.
  • want more connection and passion in their relationship.
  • want to re-connect after starting a family and becoming parents.
  • need clarification on how and whether they want to continue their relationship after an affair or breach of trust.
  • are unsatisfied with their sexual lives.
  • are looking for a sustainable solution to an important concern.

We said we'd walk together baby come what may
That come the twilight, should we lose our way
If, as we're walking, a hand should slip free
I'll wait for you
And should I fall behind
Wait for me



  • After you have contacted me, I will suggest an appointment and ask you to fill out a questionnaire.
  • The purpose of our first meeting is to get to know each other: we will address your concerns and you will be able to find out how I work as an EFT couple therapist. After this we will decide whether I am the right therapist for you and what you would like to focus on in terms of our work together.
  • I usually see a couple between 8 to 20 sessions. After the initial interview, I usually arrange a one-to-one session with each of you in order to get to know your attachment history and to address any concerns you might have.
  • In the further course of our work, I usually meet with you as a couple at an interval of 1, 2 or 3 weeks. Weekly appointments are often useful in acute situations. You can significantly accelerate a positive outcome of our therapeutic work, if you as a couple take time between the sessions to deepen and internalize our work. Furthermore I recommend the book 'Hold me tight' by Dr. Sue Johnson as a way of supporting your work togehter.


I charge € 180 per couple therapy session (75 minutes). The cost of individual sessions (50 minutes) is € 100 per session.

Please note that couple therapy is not considered a 'health insurance benefit' and therefore no statutory health insurance company will reimburse costs.

However, I offer a few concessional spaces at a reduced rate for couples without emplyment or for students. Please inquire whether I have a vacancy at the moment.

As a BACP registered counsellor (membership nr. 213521), I abide by their Ethical Framework. This code includes confidentiality for whatever you may bring to the therapy room, alongside a non-judgemental acceptance, no matter what you tell me.

I have a 48-hour cancellation policy: In case of short-term cancellations (less than 48 hours before the scheduled appointment), I will have to charge the fee for this session.

If you still have questions..

If you are interested in couples coaching or couples therapy and / or have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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